Hi, I’m Denis 👋

Golang/Python developer at OKB.

This site is made to cultivate my personal Digital Garden1, a place where I can publicly share my thoughts and posts.

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My recent posts

Don’t embed pointers

In Go, it’s important to be aware of potential bugs when embedding pointers within structs. This article explores such a scenario and provides alternative solutions to avoid confusion and errors.
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Go has new generic slices and map packages

Since the introduction of generics in Go 1.18, there have been discussions about adding new helper functions to the standard library to cover most frequent operations. After more than a year, two new libraries with generics will be added12 into the Go standard library starting from Go 1.21.
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Kubectl cheatsheet

Throughout the years of using kubernetes as a developer I’ve collected a bunch of useful commands that helped me to debug issues and have better understanding of what is happening in the cluster.
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Safe git force push

You’ve likely been in this situation before. You make some minor code fixes, do git commit --amend to add them to the current commit, and do git push --force. Then, you happily open pull request and see that you’ve deleted you’re colleagues commit.😩
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